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MY.GAMES is a universe of professional opportunities. You can develop and support large-scale projects for PC, consoles, or mobile devices, create products in various genres – from casuals to shooters, and utilize modern technologies and platforms while working remotely from around the world

MY.GAMES is a leading European publisher and developer headquartered in Amsterdam.

We create and publish games for PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

We actively foster our own gamedev community and help talented developers evolve via MGVC, our investment arm MGVC. Our global partner network comprises over 40 studios.

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Our studios are professional teams with their unique atmosphere, but united by a common passion: transforming our enthusiasm and talent into great games. We create engaging products, captivating millions of people worldwide. War Robots, Hustle Castle, Rush Royale, Left to Survive, and many other games were developed and produced by MY.GAMES.
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We create a unique adventure for each player, using modern gamedev technology stack.
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Studio Nord has over 130 employees and is one of MY.GAMES’ oldest studios. Since their doors opened back in 2007, Studio Nord has been developing and producing online games, its success stories beginning with the games Jungle Heat and Iron Desert.

Currently, the studio’s key project is a medieval castle simulator with RPG elements for mobile devices called Hustle Castle. Its total audience is more than 75 million users worldwide, while the game itself has become one of the most popular simulation games on the App Store and Google Play (in over 100 countries!)

If you want to create a real hit and know how the game industry works from the inside, we are waiting for you on our team!
IT Territory is one of the oldest studios in the MY.GAMES family. We have created 17 browser and mobile projects that are enjoyed by over 100 million people all over the world. We are now focused on mobile projects and, being a full-cycle studio, are successfully developing and promoting our mobile hits.

Our portfolio includes many hit titles such as Rush Royale, Hawk: Freedom Squadron, Evolution 2, Juggernaut Wars, and many others.

IT Territory is a team of dedicated professionals: game designers, programmers, artists, marketing specialists, testers, and many others. Although two hundred and fifty of our employees are working as a remote team across many countries, they still have one thing in common — a true love for games.
Allods Team is one of the largest MY.GAMES studios, dating back to 2006. At this moment, the team has over 170 employees.

The studio's advantage is its specialization in developing complex and global products for PC and consoles.

Nowadays, Warface (Playstation 4, Xbox One), Skyforge, and Armored Warfare: Project Armata are the studio's key projects and franchises, with an audience of more than 25 million users worldwide.

We will be waiting for you on our team!
BIT.GAMES was founded in 2002 and joined MY.GAMES in 2018. The team now focuses on two projects: Guild of Heroes — an old-school fantasy RPG, and Storyngton Hall — a game that connects love stories and match-3.

At the team's core are specialists with years of experience who grew up with the industry. This gave birth to their own programming language BHL, and a well-functioning knowledge transfer system within the company and beyond. For three years now, the studio has been running educational projects for hundreds of people who want to get into gamedev.
Whalekit is one of the largest MY.GAMES studios — the team comprises more than 100 specialists. The studio was founded in 2004, specializing in the development of high-tech mobile 3D Action games. Whalekit is known for such hits as Deer Hunter, Contract Killer, and Frontline Commando. In 2018 it delighted millions of gamers with its mobile zombie apocalypse shooter Left to Survive, which reached top 2 in the PvE shooter genre.

There's nothing more important for us than our team and employees. They are the ones who determine how to create and promote the product that lets players become our fans and immerse themselves INTO THE OCEAN OF FUN!
Pushkin Studio was founded in 2010 and is one of the oldest MY.GAMES studios. The team consists of over thirty highly-skilled employees. Throughout these years, Pushkin Studio has released many projects, including Armored Warfare: Assault, Merge Master: Adventure Puzzle and RiotZone.

The studio specializes in Unreal Engine and is one of the first in the world to use this technology for mobile devices. Accumulated studio's expertise and its open-source developments provide accessibility and high quality even on the most outdated devices.
Pixonic Studio was founded in 2009 and is one of the biggest studios at MY.GAMES. We develop, publish and operate our projects. Our focus is on mid-core shooters with deep metagames, built on the GaaS model. Our key project, War Robots, has passed the 200 million user mark and is regularly at the top of the App Store and Google Play ratings. We continue to actively develop and explore markets and recently launched an R&D department to quickly test ideas and hypotheses on real-world users.

Pixonic employs over 200 people around the world. Our team comprises some of the most extraordinary professionals in the industry. We value openness, are not afraid of making mistakes, and strive for a constructive working atmosphere. We provide opportunities to develop and share knowledge — to write articles, participate in conferences, and give lectures. Pixonic is not just a group of co-workers but a real family you want to return to.
SWAG MASHA was founded in 2018 and is one of the youngest studios in the MY.GAMES portfolio.

SWAG MASHA’s debut project  was the mobile game Love Sick: Interactive Stories. The game, an interactive visual novel.

Our team is looking for creative and talented employees who will be ready to develop with the studio, and conquer new heights together!
Deus Craft is a mobile game development and publishing studio. After releasing several PC games across diverse genres, the company established itself by creating the successful games Hidden Object and Puzzle Adventure (HOPA). They  continue to develop hit games in the mobile segment, with Deus Craft's flagship project the mobile F2P time manager, Grand Hotel Mania.

The company has more than 120 employees, and consistently crafts successful games that not only inspire the studio’s own employees, they bring pleasure to players everywhere!
G.O.D.D. (Global Operating and Development Department) is the operating department of MY.GAMES, boasting 1 billion registrations worldwide.

G.O.D.D. identifies the most effective means of promoting games and services worldwide. This conclusion is based on successful launches and long-running projects for home platforms, including consoles and mobile. Launch support includes localization, tech support, community, marketing, and media assistance throughout the product’s entire life cycle.
Panzerdog is a Finnish publisher and developer of mobile games. The studio was founded in 2016 in Helsinki.

Around 40 developers are currently working for the studio, with many boasting 10+ years of experience in the games industry.

Panzerdog’s most successful project is a multiplayer mobile shooter Tacticool, which was nominated for Google Play’s Users’ Choice’19 and was a NGDC’18 finalist.
Команда Игровой платформы работает  над внутренними инфраструктурными проектами MY.GAMES, которые призваны обеспечить функционирование клиентских и браузерных игр, а также околоигровых сервисов.

Игровая платформа раздает со своего CDN петабайты игровых дистрибутивов и обновлений.

Недавно запущен новый продукт — игровая платформа MY.GAMES Store, которая позволяет разработчикам и издателям публиковать как F2P, так и премиум игровые проекты, а игрокам, в свою очередь, предоставляет удобную площадку для игры на ПК с широким каталогом игр и набором уникальных игровых сервисов.

Будем рады видеть в рядах команды профессионалов своего дела, которые готовы развиваться и расти вместе с проектами Игровой платформы.
Наша команда создает масштабный сервис облачного гейминга в России. Наша цель — дать возможность запускать любые игры десяткам миллионов геймеров на любом устройстве и в  любой точке мира.

Мы разрабатываем собственную технологию для стриминга игр, строим инфраструктуру по  всей России и создаем около-игровые сервисы в рамках облачной платформы.

Мы используем самые актуальные и масштабируемые технологии, интегрируем Computer Vision, работаем по agile. Наш стэк: Python/Django, TypeScript/React, C++, C#.

Наша команда ищет проактивных, ответственных профессионалов своего дела, готовых разделить с нами все радости и трудности.
Mamboo Games is a publisher and developer of hyper-casual and hybrid-casual games. The company was established in 2020, and the team consists of more than 40 specialists, featuring over 30 games in its portfolio.

Mamboo Games started as a publisher of hyper-casual games and have expanded the portfolio with a new genre of hybrid casual games, including Worm Out: Brain Teaser & Fruit, Scary Pranks: Horror Puzzle Survival, Space Rover: Space Taikon and Green button: Money Clicker. We managed to get game projects to global launch within a very short timeframe, develop our development division to a great level, and become a hypercasual division in the larger MY.GAMES ecosystem.
MGVC is an international gaming investor. Our goal is to create new hit games that win player hearts worldwide by developing promising gaming industry companies and projects.

MGVC provides support in areas such as game design, marketing, business development, production, project management, HR, and investment analysis.

Together with each of our partners, we use the most effective and comfortable approach to communication and work possible, allowing us to preserve each studio's unique atmosphere and identity.

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